Since 2009, The Collab-Orators has been developing and teaching low-cost, scalable project-based curriculums in order to create a pipeline of lifelong learning and wealth-creating skills for low-income communities.


Our Mission

The Collab-Orators teaches women and youth from high-need communities the 21st century skills necessary to succeed in this new era. By combining experiential, entrepreneurship-based learning with the latest advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping equipment, our programs teach women and youth to design, rapid prototype, and manufacture with high precision while paying a living wage. In providing these skills and then mobilizing the founders of technology, design and fabrication companies as Mentors, the community we serve gain the career creating skills, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities needed to thrive in an ever-changing 21st century environment.

“I have come to see that an ecosystem for learning is essential.”
— Michele Cahill, program director of urban education at the Carnegie Corporation of New York

What We've Achieved

  • Created ultra-low-cost electronics and robotics program

  • Established pass-down mentorship model from college to high school to middle school students

  • Taught rapid prototyping and wood-working through project-based curriculum

  • Advised Obama Administration on Maker Economy

  • Mentored women through Invent-Her Initiative

  • Donated event space, services and equipment to non-profits such as Legal Aid, Reconnect, & Sankofa Global

  • Provided mentoring and resources to organization creating low-cost play options for children in refuge camps

  • Co-created New York State Maker Summit

Board of Directors